Tutorial: Making Chibi Houses for Gaming

2 02 2019

A quick way to make chibi houses for all your gaming needs is to pick up Animal Jam Adopt a Pet Houses (also available in six packs here).

These little houses come with small critters and key codes for an online game that I’ve never bothered to investigate. If you are child adjacent you might find a use for the minifigs.

This tutorial is using the Series 1 pet houses. Later series look like igloos, huts and cupcakes. I’ll show how to work with other varieties later one, but for now we’ll start with the houses.

These houses are 2″ x 2″ bits of chibi goodness, but they do have some annoying branding you might want to mod. For example, there’s this lady bug on the front of the house.

There’s also the logo on the back, which you will certainly want to remedy.

For the front, you can cover it over with a bit of green stuff or a random piece of weaponry; but usually I put another window. I’ve made an impression of one of the side windows using instamold. I then pressed out a few copies out of fimo clay.

Who doesn’t need a little bit more light in their house?

For the back, a simple solution is to make a large chimney out of foamcore.

I cover the foam core with a thick coat of hot glue to help with structural integrity and protect it against the spray primers I tend to use.

Another possibility is to hit the logo with a dremel and grind the back into something resembling logs.

Or, you could just stick two windows on the back (here with a makeshift overhang to help keep the rain from running in the windows).

Other additions here are stove pipes of various sizes and dormers for additional space upstairs.

Prime them, paint them up, and they’re good to go as terrain for your next chibi D&D game or for blocking line of sight in a chibi wargame.


Rust Tutorials

13 08 2015

The most recent No Quarter painting challenge is all about weathering and battle damage. I don’t imagine I’ll get a suitable submission completed before the Sept 2 deadline, but the challenge got me searching for a better rust tutorial. My best attempt so far has been my plastic Beast 09. But, it still seems to be missing a lot.

One tutorial I found through searching contained a rust wash recipe, while another showed how to use MIG pigments. I might combine the two when I finally get around to painting another heavily weathered warjack (probably Ruin, because I’m working on a 3utcher list).

More as the story develops.

External Link: Millennium Falcon Hack

8 07 2014

There’s a tutorial at A Few Maneuvers on how to put LEDs into your YT-1300/Millennium Falcon. It’s highly unlikely I’ll make this upgrade myself, but dang if it doesn’t look pretty.



Incorporeal Tutorial

16 01 2014

I love the Googles. I was looking for a tutorial on making forest terrain (because I received some tiny trees for Christmas), and ran across a wonderful, completely unrelated tutorial on an apparently abandoned blog called Apartment Wargaming.

Clicking back through the blog I ran into a post on painting incorporeal models. I encourage you to click the link because this is the end result:

I know they aren’t incorporeal, but I might paint my Alexia and the Risen in this scheme (if I ever get around to purchasing them).