Rust Tutorials

13 08 2015

The most recent No Quarter painting challenge is all about weathering and battle damage. I don’t imagine I’ll get a suitable submission completed before the Sept 2 deadline, but the challenge got me searching for a better rust tutorial. My best attempt so far has been my plastic Beast 09. But, it still seems to be missing a lot.

One tutorial I found through searching contained a rust wash recipe, while another showed how to use MIG pigments. I might combine the two when I finally get around to painting another heavily weathered warjack (probably Ruin, because I’m working on a 3utcher list).

More as the story develops.


External Link: Millennium Falcon Hack

8 07 2014

There’s a tutorial at A Few Maneuvers on how to put LEDs into your YT-1300/Millennium Falcon. It’s highly unlikely I’ll make this upgrade myself, but dang if it doesn’t look pretty.



Incorporeal Tutorial

16 01 2014

I love the Googles. I was looking for a tutorial on making forest terrain (because I received some tiny trees for Christmas), and ran across a wonderful, completely unrelated tutorial on an apparently abandoned blog called Apartment Wargaming.

Clicking back through the blog I ran into a post on painting incorporeal models. I encourage you to click the link because this is the end result:

I know they aren’t incorporeal, but I might paint my Alexia and the Risen in this scheme (if I ever get around to purchasing them).