Stonehaven Half-Orc Kickstarter

3 09 2014

I have mentioned before my fondness for Stonehaven Miniatures. Right now they are running what is ostensibly a Half-Orc Miniatures kickstarter. However, in practice they have a lot more to offer than just half-orcs. This is the current offering (which is expanding everyday of the pledge drive):


What got me on board were the Tengu.

I know I don’t have much of a readership; but if you haven’t thrown money at these fine folks yet, allow me to persuade you with a few points:

  1. These folks are pretty reliable at getting out product and listening to feedback from backers.
  2. They are making miniatures like no one else. Most of us have more skeleton minis than we will ever use, but a dragon-born rogue or a Tengu mage? 
  3. These folks are making female miniatures you would actually want to play. No low-cut necklines on female fighters. No cheese-cake or pin-up bullshit. Female adventurers wearing clothes that female adventurers would actually freaking wear.
  4. They are actually reasonably priced for small-batch, white-metal miniatures.

So, for all these reasons, throw them some cash.

Dire Bat with Rider

5 03 2014

At D&D two weeks ago my Gnome ranger performed a 24 hour ritual to gain a dire bat as an animal companion and mount. Of course, this necessitated a new mini! Yesterday I received a Dire Bat with Rider from Stonehaven Miniatures. Here’s a rough job on my new bad-ass bat-riding miniature.


Rather than just placing the dire bat on a 25mm base, I used a GW flight base. This meant having to drill a pretty substantial hole in my poor bat’s belly, but the payoff is worth it. The rider is removable, which will come in hand to switch it for my usual miniature, a modified Marius Burrowell, Gnome thief.

Now that I look at it more closely via the picture, the bat still needs a bit of shading around the eyes and more pink in the ears. But, it will be good enough for D&D this week.

Stonehaven Gnome Scholar

11 12 2013

I’ve been thinking about how to paint this little guys since before the kickstarter even ended back in February. The mini is so tiny I wound up having to build him an elaborate base just to give him stature he deserves. After trying to acquire a suitable “stack of books” mini from several sources, I just wound up sculpting them my self.


I’m about 90% done on this little guy. Still need a few touch ups, a clear coat, and then some metalics. I’m thinking his glasses might be copper, but silver is still an option.

Stonehaven Gnome Archer WIP

12 11 2013

Had some time to make a first pass or so on one of my Stonehaven Gnomes from the kickstarter earlier this year. One of the wonderful things about Stonehaven (aside from their whimsy) is that their female adventurers are actually dressed normally. As such, the first mini I’ve started is the Gnome archer.



She has a way to go, but I’m really happy with her hair. Most of the gnomes have crazy-big anime style hair that screams for wild colours. I might brighten the tones on her outfit, but I really enjoy the irony of drab travel clothes with brilliant hair. We’ll have to see.

Gnome Kickstarter Preview

4 03 2013

Last month I threw in on Stonehaven Miniature‘s gnome kickstarter. I didn’t jump on their dwarf kickstarter ( because well… dwarves? right?); but there are so few gnome minis out there, that I had to get on board. The other day they put up some new pics of their sculps. Gotta say, I’m pretty impressed.