Zak McKracken and the Alien Timewasters

26 03 2015

Ever have one of those games from your childhood you wish you could go back to and finally finish as an adult? For me, Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders is firmly in that category. Luckily, Zak McKracken is now out available through at the unbelievably low price of $5.99 (not really that unbelievable, actually, I expected it to be about $2, truth be told).

I should point out that even illuminated with the halcyon glow of middle-school nostalgia, Zack McKracken wasn’t a great game. It was basically an extended rifting on sensational tabloid journalism of the ’80’s run by a twitchy UI and a plot that punished you if you got off the rails (yes, I remember all this from childhood; there are reasons why I’m a doctor). However, neither I nor any of my friends finished the damn thing, so I have this narrative whole deep within me that yearns to know how the story ends.

One of my (many) ritual disciplines is to avoid purchasing game materials during Lent. As such, I won’t be playing Zack McKracken for another week or so, but I do plan on picking the game up once we enter Eastertide and worship again the powers of fertility.