Working on Ika Clan

13 04 2017

I haven’t posted since the New Year, but I have been quite busy with painting and terrain building. With the semester winding down, I hope to post some of my progress in the next few weeks,  but for now here is a trio from the Ika clan.


Madoushi, Kunoichi, and Oni


In a campaign mode Ninja All Stars really wants to be able to differentiate each model, and so I am trying to paint up each model with some distinct characterizations.

Also, notice the custom player boards for Super Dungeon Explore that they are all standing upon. I’ll hopefully have a tutorial up on these soon as well.


16 06 2016

I’ve been painting up basic shrine teams for Ninja All Stars.  I picked up the Elemental Pledge on the kickstarter last year but added the Spirit and Earth shrines for some basic ninjas. When the fine folks at Ninja Division game all the shrine cards to their backers, I opted to paint the ninjas in neutral colours (black and white) so they can be used for any clan.






The paint scheme is very basic, but it’s sufficient for demo games.

Now, all I have to do is paint four clans, six samurai, and fourteen ronin…