April Warmachine Wrap-Up

3 05 2014

Despite the end of the university term and my recent obsession with Super Dungeon Explore, I did manage to slap some paint on Warmahordes models this past month. What? Warmahordes? Indeed.

First up we have a mini unit of the Gatorman Posse. I picked these fellows up last year on a leftover sale at my FLG. I had left them half-finished until this month. I’ve tried to use water effect with some ink to make a swampy base —which is completely lost in the shot except for a previous unnoticed mistake right in the front of the leader. *sigh*


Next up is the Boneswarm light warbeast. It was likewise picked up on a sale. I tried to paint it following the Incorporeal Tutorial I linked to back in January. What I discovered was that you should stop two steps earlier. The model was gorgeous after the following steps:

  • Basecoat Ice Blue
  • Wash with Thraka Green
  • Wash with Asumen Blue
  • Drybrush with white (I used Vallejo Primer White)

Unfortunately, I then washed it again with green and blue. And so, we have the following result:


Not horrible, but not what I wanted either. I’d be more upset, but I considered this model a test of Alexia and the Risen. I will eventually paint up two batches of Risen using the colour scheme above. Mwahahahah.

Finally, we have Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios. Apparently painting up a model with snowy camouflage pattern will be worth 5 league points for Purists in Halfaug. I looked at several tutorials and tried my best, but she still looks a bit… wrong. I iced the base like my Khador but used my standard Merc front arc colour scheme. If it weren’t for the fact that I literally have more points to paint than I have painted, I would probably throw here in a Simple Green bath. As it is, I’ll just grin and bear it.


So that’s all for Warmahordes for the month of April. Hopefully I’ll get two some more Stonehaven miniatures in May. I’ve still got a shitload of gnomes left to paint from the last kickstarter, and I’ll be getting my shipment of Elves sometime this month.