Goro and Giri

23 12 2015

With the semester at an end, I’m once again working through my backlog of painting. Goro and the Giri are some of my favourite minis for Super Dungeon Explore. I hope to stat these forrest spirits out for my 3.5 chibi game as well.


Micro Art Studio Bases

21 07 2015

Only six months late (enough to mess up my entire year of Warmahordes), I finally got my Micro Arts mystic bases from last years kickstarter I went in for two packs of bases, which comprised 4 50mm, 24 40mm and 40 30mm bases. Or, enough for a nice competitive list (I hope). The bases have phenomenal detail and will need only minimal cleaning.

I bought these bases for a Circle Orboros army idea I had based off of the Privateer Press Hordes Two Player Battle Box Model Kit. Unfortunately, we’re half way through the season; but I’ll hopefully be able to run this list next season.

Blood Bowl Platypi

10 07 2015

Today I received my platypus-themed goblin Blood Bowl team. I kicked this last June, but due to several unforeseen circumstances it just showed today. The team is made of two types of resin. The platypi are spincast while the crocodiles are more of a finecast. The platypi will be goblins, and the crocs are trolls. Included were a plethora of bits to make at least two of each type of cheaters for the goblin team (i.e. twice as many as you can field) as well as a full compliment of liners and two trolls. Not a bad haul.

The platypi will need a lot of work to assemble—especially those tales. And despite all the parts, there is really only two poses (pogoes and regular). So, there will be a lot of modding before I can play these little guys. Still, I’m excited to get my Aussie-themed goblin team on the pitch. I’m thinking every player will be named “Bruce.”

I love the smell of Dull Coat in the Morning…

3 03 2015

IMG_0569.JPGAh, that scent of Dull Coat (or Purity Seal, or whatever the hell you want to call it). It indicates the end of a project, the final piece to a puzzle, a job well done that deserves to be protected… or not.

More often, at least for me, the Dull Coat is the final resignation. It’s indicative that I can’t go on, or that I need to go on, because any more work is pointless. Basically, the scent of Dull Coat is the olfactory equivalent of saying “Fuck it. That’s good enough.”

The picture above is of two shinning examples of the “good enough” motif. Painted hastily over the course of a few hours, these two ghastly cowboys will serve as pistol wraiths in my Iron Kingdom rpg. They are two Reaper Bones minis that recently came in along with a hoard of plastic from the second Bones kickstarter. All in all, I probably paid less than $1 for both these minis. A few quick drybrushings and washes, and I’ll call them done.

While this attitude is reasonable for cheapo plastics like Bones, I see no problem extending it to other minis as well. I paint minis not as works of art, but as means to an end: I want to play with my toys. These minis will not be entered into a painting competition or (gods forbid) be housed in some sort of display case. They are going to go into a bag or a box and be pulled out to play a game.

In that sense then, the Dull Coat is an olfactory indicator of victory… or at least the future possibility of victory on the table

Dwarven Forge Cavern Tiles

12 11 2014

Looky here. My Cavern Tile kickstarter showed up—two sets (enough for all the stretch goals), along with a side (literally, on the right side) of ten corridor pieces.


The quality of these pieces is very nice, given the price. They seem a little less robust than the dungeon tiles. The bottom of each tile is concave, and hence there is less plastic to the bottom of each piece. As a result, a few of the thin tiles have a bit of warp to them. Granted, they are cavern tiles; and as such, I’m not to worried about things being a little more warpy than with the dungeon tiles. Still, this will be something to watch out for if Dwarven Forge runs another kickstarter in the future (which will clearly be just a ploy to take more of my money).

Hopefully I’ll have time to paint these guys up before the end of the year. I’m not sure exactly how to paint some of the fiddly bits. Additionally, the watery areas bring up the question of how to get a water effect on this plastic. Stay tuned.

(I should also note that Arcadia Quest has also come in. I’m holding off too much discussion until I’ve had a chance to run an entire campaign.)

Stonehaven Half-Orc Kickstarter

3 09 2014

I have mentioned before my fondness for Stonehaven Miniatures. Right now they are running what is ostensibly a Half-Orc Miniatures kickstarter. However, in practice they have a lot more to offer than just half-orcs. This is the current offering (which is expanding everyday of the pledge drive):


What got me on board were the Tengu.

I know I don’t have much of a readership; but if you haven’t thrown money at these fine folks yet, allow me to persuade you with a few points:

  1. These folks are pretty reliable at getting out product and listening to feedback from backers.
  2. They are making miniatures like no one else. Most of us have more skeleton minis than we will ever use, but a dragon-born rogue or a Tengu mage? 
  3. These folks are making female miniatures you would actually want to play. No low-cut necklines on female fighters. No cheese-cake or pin-up bullshit. Female adventurers wearing clothes that female adventurers would actually freaking wear.
  4. They are actually reasonably priced for small-batch, white-metal miniatures.

So, for all these reasons, throw them some cash.

May Warmachine Wrap-Up

8 06 2014

OK, so it’s actually June 8th. I’ve been busy!

In the month of May I managed to pain two models (and played zero games!).

One was the eminent Kovnik Andrei Malakov. The only reward that I cared about from the Warmachine kickstarter, this guy is going to show up in lists with either a Decimator or Torch (until Grolar shows up).


I thought of doing a bit of a conversion on this guy, but he’s a limited edition sculpt. I imagine him sitting at a little bistro table with a cup of coffee or tea, just sneering at the theatre of war that surrounds him. Ah well. There’s always hope for the general release model.

The other thing I painted in May was, of course, my plastic Beast 09. I’ve seen a couple of versions of this guy running around with him holding his axe with two hands. However, they always have it backwards. If it’s supposed to be in his right hand, the axe head should be on the right side. I know that this is a fantasy world with werewolves, dragons and zombies, but come on folks! Let’s have some ground rules!


In any case, a bit about construction: when I started working on this guy, all the FLGS’s were out of Black Ivan kits. As a result the shoulder spikes here are all green stuff from an instamold. Likewise, the ‘jack rings on his thighs were green stuff as well, pulled via instamold from an Ironclad’s shoulders. Most other bits were freehande sculpts using even more green stuff. The ice on Ice Breaker is Woodland Scenic Water Effect.

I have no idea if this guy will be “tournament legal,”but I damn well think he should be!