Star Guild Sapper Mario

27 06 2016

A few months back I posted my Princess Ruby Peach for Super Dungeon Explore. Today I bring you her bae Star Guild Sapper Mario.

Oathsworn Miniatures

7 04 2014

A few months back I ran across Oathsworn miniature‘s kickstarters. Unfortunately, their hero and dwarf kickstarters had already kicked, but I fell in love with their dumpy halflings and dwarves. Take a gander at a few:

Today their retail webstore went live, and I couldn’t be happier. Personally, I don’t play dwarves or halflings; but I have friends that do. Hopefully I can convince them to consider leaving behind their little plastic miniatures painted by children in Asia. I’d easily be willing to paint some of these up.

Tactical Arcanist WIP

6 01 2014

Working on my cloud dwarves.


Kicking around Kickstarter

1 08 2013

So I was kicking around the Kickstarter this morning after my daily check-in to see how ridiculously over-funded the Warmachine: Tactics game is. Yes, I’m a supporter. I look forward to picking up the Motherland’s new novice warcaster. The smug youngster might just be what Khador needs to be competitive in the new meta. But more to the point: as a scholar who has dabbled in the social sciences, I find Kickstarter a fascinating microcosm of people’s hopes and dreams. Come with me and stare deeply into humanity’s collective unconscious.

Take, for instance, the Badger Forest Tarot kickstarter. As a gnome ranger with a penchant for animal companions of the burrowing variety, I’m a huge fan of badgers. But the lowest pledge to get an actual deck is $38 US, a little steep to pull out at the gaming group once for shits and giggles. Supposedly these decks would run about $60 if not for the kickstarter to help offset printing costs, but this does make me wonder who the hell is this interested in badgers AND the tarot to make this happen? About a hundred people is the answer, since Ms. VanderHoeven has managed to get her project funded with a little over a day to go (who knew?).

If you find woodland creatures predicting your future a little to pagan, there’s always the Treasure in Heaven board game. “Players share gifts of Hope, Faith and Love in a battle against Sin and Deception on a journey to New Jerusalem. A fun Christian game.” This looks like less of a game and more of an activity. I’m not sure that Sin and Deception (I love the fact their capitalized) can actually win; so this is basically just Candyland with biblical art and Scripture memorization. The video is as painful to watch as a mega-church sermon or youth group talk about the dangers of rock music (yes, I had flash backs). I’d be really surprised if this actually gets funded.

Keeping (vaguely) to the religious theme, have you accepter Dominion and your Lord and Boardgame Saviour? If so, you might be interest at the Dominion Storage Box kickstarter. It seems every month or so another one of these reliquaries appear to house your most cherished of boardgame icons. Seriously, I love Dominion. It’s a great gateway game, but the number of these storage boxes on Kickstarter goes way beyond the demand for a better container (which I freely admit! Rio Grande Games should have taken a page out of AEG’s gamebook here). The only group of boardgame fans that can now compete with Dominion-ites are the followers of Catan—a cult that prompts the same response in me as Jehovah’s Witnesses at my door. Seriously, I don’t even think the followers of the way of the Munchkin can now compete. Dominion: you’re on notice!

Finally, there’s this wonderful piece of terrain by Iron Hill Miniatures: a Dwarf Brewery. You need to watch the video, it’s hilarious and endearing. Apparently, Dwarven Breweries are such a common trope in RPGs that the oversight of custom terrain for this scenario can no longer be tolerated! I can’t see spending $225 US to get the brewery, but the terrain does look pretty sweet. They also have some nice funding goals at lower levels that would provided one with a shit-load of drunken dwarves (a redundant statement? perhaps). I hope they meet their goals. The world needs more drunken dwarf miniatures.

So there are my ramblings for today. I’ve got a weekend of Convergence of Cyris release events. Hopefully I’ll remember to take some pics (and win some games).