Golden Kobold Entry

14 02 2020

I put in a few submissions to Ninja Division’s Golden Kobold painting competition back in January. While I didn’t win anything, I’m most proud of this kitbashed Baba Yaga. She’s built from from a Curse Coven Witch, an Animal Jam House, and legs from a Privateer Press Warjack.

Golden Kobold-Large-DrQohelet 1.jpgIMG-2936.jpgGolden Kobold-Large-DrQohelet 4.jpgUsing the Super Dungeon Explore Card Creator I’ve made a custom monster card for her as well.

Screen Shot 2020-02-10 at 1.55.52 PM.png

I haven’t tried this out yet (and yes I know there’s a typo), but I think she’ll be fun to put on the table.

Tortle Maître D’

18 05 2019

This month’s Paint the Target challenge at Lost Hemisphere is “Hard shells, armor, spikes, carapaces”. To that end, I decided to work on a project I’ve had sitting around for over a year. I’ve had this single mini from Super Dungeon Explore’s Testudo Tower expansion since the first PAX Unplugged—a free mini from a paint and take that I never actually painted.

There really isn’t anything you can do with a single creep model like this in Super Dungeon Explore, so I had been kicking around the idea of modding him into an NPC for my chibi D&D campaign. To that end, I needed to get rid of that bomb first. I used a dremmel just to carve it out quickly. (N.b. be safe and follow all precautions when using power-ish tools.)

Next, I needed to cut his arms off. I knew I’d have to reposition them anyway.

And then, I started working on building up his body.

I used the belly from one of the shells in Caverns of Roxor as my guide here.

Next, I made a cloche out of Sculpey polymer clay. I used a pin head for the handle. I also reattached the arms, after having cut them into two parts—upper arm and lower arm—so that I could change the pose.

I could leave the left arm a little rough because I new the seem was going to cover most of it with a towel. I made the towel by adopting the process for making a cloak used by Aella13 in this video (LINK)—I used this video to help make my own Soda Master Candy, which I hope to get painted up sometime soon.

I don’t have a great glamour shot of my new Tortle Maître D’. I’m still not sure about those two red spots on his head. I might mod them into a bad toupee and pencil mustache. It partly might depend on what the NPC is like in the campaign.

I do like the bowtie, cloche, and tea towel. I think that’s all looking pretty good.

I’m going to call him “done for now.” But we’ll see where he is in six months…

Booty in the New Year

9 01 2017

It may come as a surprise, but one of the things that originally drew me to Super Dungeon Explore was the cute mimic minis. The original Boo Booty was a great miniature and a fun game element. When Forgotten King (aka SDE 2.0) came out last year, the previous singular Boo Booty became the genus for three separate species: Bouncing Booty, Booty Biter, and Booty Grinder. Clearly, this required custom minis…

Left to Right: Bouncing Booty, Booty Biter, and Booty Grinder

Close up on the Bouncing Booty

Close up on Booty Grinder

It’s kind of funny that it took me a year to mod some minis for these custom mimics. It’s not like I still have a hundred ninjas to paint or anything…

May Warmachine Wrap-Up

8 06 2014

OK, so it’s actually June 8th. I’ve been busy!

In the month of May I managed to pain two models (and played zero games!).

One was the eminent Kovnik Andrei Malakov. The only reward that I cared about from the Warmachine kickstarter, this guy is going to show up in lists with either a Decimator or Torch (until Grolar shows up).


I thought of doing a bit of a conversion on this guy, but he’s a limited edition sculpt. I imagine him sitting at a little bistro table with a cup of coffee or tea, just sneering at the theatre of war that surrounds him. Ah well. There’s always hope for the general release model.

The other thing I painted in May was, of course, my plastic Beast 09. I’ve seen a couple of versions of this guy running around with him holding his axe with two hands. However, they always have it backwards. If it’s supposed to be in his right hand, the axe head should be on the right side. I know that this is a fantasy world with werewolves, dragons and zombies, but come on folks! Let’s have some ground rules!


In any case, a bit about construction: when I started working on this guy, all the FLGS’s were out of Black Ivan kits. As a result the shoulder spikes here are all green stuff from an instamold. Likewise, the ‘jack rings on his thighs were green stuff as well, pulled via instamold from an Ironclad’s shoulders. Most other bits were freehande sculpts using even more green stuff. The ice on Ice Breaker is Woodland Scenic Water Effect.

I have no idea if this guy will be “tournament legal,”but I damn well think he should be!

Plastic Beast 09

10 05 2014


Well, he still needs a dull coat, but here’s the finished product: Beast 09 in all his scrappy glory.



Not shown: he has “09” on his right shoulder—just in case the giant axe, glowing cowl, etc. etc. aren’t enough to properly identify him.


Beast 09 Conversion

24 02 2014

Here’s a WIP of a conversion I’m working on: good ol’ Beast 09.


Basis is a plastic ‘jack with a lot of green stuff. I used Instant Mold to copy Black Ivan’s shoulder spikes as well as a few other bits.

I hope to add clear icicles to his axe once the painting is done.