Working on Ika Clan

13 04 2017

I haven’t posted since the New Year, but I have been quite busy with painting and terrain building. With the semester winding down, I hope to post some of my progress in the next few weeks,  but for now here is a trio from the Ika clan.


Madoushi, Kunoichi, and Oni


In a campaign mode Ninja All Stars really wants to be able to differentiate each model, and so I am trying to paint up each model with some distinct characterizations.

Also, notice the custom player boards for Super Dungeon Explore that they are all standing upon. I’ll hopefully have a tutorial up on these soon as well.

Star Guild Sapper Mario

27 06 2016

A few months back I posted my Princess Ruby Peach for Super Dungeon Explore. Today I bring you her bae Star Guild Sapper Mario.

WIP Ser Snapjaw

31 01 2016

Playing with Non-Metalics on Ser Snapjaw. I’m not sure if I’ll include the usual swaths of blood that covers his helm, but I’m quite proud of the sword. 

Goro and Giri

23 12 2015

With the semester at an end, I’m once again working through my backlog of painting. Goro and the Giri are some of my favourite minis for Super Dungeon Explore. I hope to stat these forrest spirits out for my 3.5 chibi game as well.

SDE Old-Growth Spawn Point.

11 09 2015

Just recently finished painting up the Old-Growth Hollow spawn points from Super Dungeon Explore. I used almost exclusively washes here to get an organic feel.


King Sprout:

Turnip Head:



Spawn Point:

Group Shot:

New Arcadia Quest!

24 06 2015

So almost immediately after my post yesterday I received notice from CoolMiniOrNot that there will be several expansions to Arcadia Quest. All the details (and pix) can be found at TGN.

The first, Inferno, looks like a big box expansion with new guilds, tiles, and campaign(s).

But, a smaller end boss was also announced that can be dropped into any existing campaign. Well… “small” is relative here since it’s a gigantic blue dragon.

But, what interests me most from this announcement at CMON Expo is a smaller, stand alone game called Masmorra: Dungeons of Arcadia. All the showed at the con were a few miniatures, but my hope is that we’ve got an rpg on the way.

SDE Kobold Test—only a test

12 04 2014

Probably the most worrisome element in painting Super Dungeon Explore is the horde of kobolds. I don’t do well with tedium. The heroes are fun to paint, but even sets of six enemies are going to hurt. To help mitigate this problem, I’ve been trying to simplify the paint schemes and make them easier to paint (quicker, less painful, yeah!). Here’s my test kobold:


I think he (she?) came out pretty well.

So here’s my recipe:

  • Prime red (using Rustoleum because, why the hell not?)
  • Wash with Baal Red
  • Highlight with Vallejo GC Red
  • Paint metals with a worn bronze (off brand)
  • Paint skirt and horns with an off-white (off brand)
  • Paint eye with Vallejo GC Parasite Brown
  • Wash with Agax Earthshade
  • Hit the scale plate on chest and back with Parasite Brown
  • Highlight eye with Parasite Brown and Vallejo GC Moon Yellow
  • Paint pole arm with GW Boltgun Silver
  • Paint eyeball with a black line

On the rest of the kobolds I might hit the pole arm (and other silver metal areas) with a bright orange mixture before washing and then only dry brush the silver—so as to give it a more rusty look. But otherwise, I like how this little guy turned out.