Blood Bowl Platypi

10 07 2015

Today I received my platypus-themed goblin Blood Bowl team. I kicked this last June, but due to several unforeseen circumstances it just showed today. The team is made of two types of resin. The platypi are spincast while the crocodiles are more of a finecast. The platypi will be goblins, and the crocs are trolls. Included were a plethora of bits to make at least two of each type of cheaters for the goblin team (i.e. twice as many as you can field) as well as a full compliment of liners and two trolls. Not a bad haul.

The platypi will need a lot of work to assemble—especially those tales. And despite all the parts, there is really only two poses (pogoes and regular). So, there will be a lot of modding before I can play these little guys. Still, I’m excited to get my Aussie-themed goblin team on the pitch. I’m thinking every player will be named “Bruce.”