WIP Ser Snapjaw

31 01 2016

Playing with Non-Metalics on Ser Snapjaw. I’m not sure if I’ll include the usual swaths of blood that covers his helm, but I’m quite proud of the sword. 


Bear Cavalry

6 01 2016

Hysterical Games has posted images of something every Khador player will want:


I have no idea how to purchase such a wonder, but one thing is certain: at last we shall have our bear cavalry!

Goro and Giri

23 12 2015

With the semester at an end, I’m once again working through my backlog of painting. Goro and the Giri are some of my favourite minis for Super Dungeon Explore. I hope to stat these forrest spirits out for my 3.5 chibi game as well.

SDE Old-Growth Spawn Point.

11 09 2015

Just recently finished painting up the Old-Growth Hollow spawn points from Super Dungeon Explore. I used almost exclusively washes here to get an organic feel.


King Sprout:

Turnip Head:



Spawn Point:

Group Shot:

Rust Tutorials

13 08 2015

The most recent No Quarter painting challenge is all about weathering and battle damage. I don’t imagine I’ll get a suitable submission completed before the Sept 2 deadline, but the challenge got me searching for a better rust tutorial. My best attempt so far has been my plastic Beast 09. But, it still seems to be missing a lot.

One tutorial I found through searching contained a rust wash recipe, while another showed how to use MIG pigments. I might combine the two when I finally get around to painting another heavily weathered warjack (probably Ruin, because I’m working on a 3utcher list).

More as the story develops.

Salt Pillar Spawning Point

24 07 2015

Moar Super Dungeon Explore! I’m continuing with my backlog of miniature painting. Here’s the Salt Pillar spawning point—including the eponymous Salt Pillar, two Mist Hounds and six Sorrows.

Micro Art Studio Bases

21 07 2015

Only six months late (enough to mess up my entire year of Warmahordes), I finally got my Micro Arts mystic bases from last years kickstarter I went in for two packs of bases, which comprised 4 50mm, 24 40mm and 40 30mm bases. Or, enough for a nice competitive list (I hope). The bases have phenomenal detail and will need only minimal cleaning.

I bought these bases for a Circle Orboros army idea I had based off of the Privateer Press Hordes Two Player Battle Box Model Kit. Unfortunately, we’re half way through the season; but I’ll hopefully be able to run this list next season.