Steampunk Gnome

28 05 2016

Three things I love: Gnomes, Steampunk, and Super Dungeon Explore. Unfortunately, I couldn’t have all three at the same time since Soda Pop Minis hasn’t yet blessed us with chibi gnomes.  However, I seem to have been bit by the scratch-built bug. Here’s my first attempt at sculpting: a steampunk chibi gnome for Super Dungeon Explore.


I made a lot of mistakes on this little guy, but that’s to be expected. Look for more in the future.



24 02 2016

Ah, the Rattlebone undead skeleton creeps. The glowing eyes look better from far above.

These miniatures are part of the Von Drakk Ghost House tile pack. I have recently received both the tile pack and the Von Drakk Manor level box.

My plan on all the SDE skeletons in general is being tested out here: Prime black; progressive drybrushings of colour; pick out some highlights and OSL; and wash fabrics. I want to keep the colours muted and the look ragged. This is quite different than the brilliant colours I use for other areas, but these are centuries-old skeletons, not vibrant sentient plants.

Princess Ruby and Jack Scarecrow

23 02 2016

Slowly working through my painting backlog. I’m working through Caverns of Roxor, but focussed on Princess Ruby first because of the current Valentine’s Day “Paint the Target” challenge over at Lost Hemisphere. Hopefully I’ll have more to show by months end.

Speaking of paint the target, I had painted up Jack Scarecrow last month but hadn’t posted it here.


WIP Ser Snapjaw

31 01 2016

Playing with Non-Metalics on Ser Snapjaw. I’m not sure if I’ll include the usual swaths of blood that covers his helm, but I’m quite proud of the sword. 

Bear Cavalry

6 01 2016

Hysterical Games has posted images of something every Khador player will want:


I have no idea how to purchase such a wonder, but one thing is certain: at last we shall have our bear cavalry!

Goro and Giri

23 12 2015

With the semester at an end, I’m once again working through my backlog of painting. Goro and the Giri are some of my favourite minis for Super Dungeon Explore. I hope to stat these forrest spirits out for my 3.5 chibi game as well.

SDE Old-Growth Spawn Point.

11 09 2015

Just recently finished painting up the Old-Growth Hollow spawn points from Super Dungeon Explore. I used almost exclusively washes here to get an organic feel.


King Sprout:

Turnip Head:



Spawn Point:

Group Shot: