Dwarven Forge Cavern Tiles

12 11 2014

Looky here. My Cavern Tile kickstarter showed up—two sets (enough for all the stretch goals), along with a side (literally, on the right side) of ten corridor pieces.


The quality of these pieces is very nice, given the price. They seem a little less robust than the dungeon tiles. The bottom of each tile is concave, and hence there is less plastic to the bottom of each piece. As a result, a few of the thin tiles have a bit of warp to them. Granted, they are cavern tiles; and as such, I’m not to worried about things being a little more warpy than with the dungeon tiles. Still, this will be something to watch out for if Dwarven Forge runs another kickstarter in the future (which will clearly be just a ploy to take more of my money).

Hopefully I’ll have time to paint these guys up before the end of the year. I’m not sure exactly how to paint some of the fiddly bits. Additionally, the watery areas bring up the question of how to get a water effect on this plastic. Stay tuned.

(I should also note that Arcadia Quest has also come in. I’m holding off too much discussion until I’ve had a chance to run an entire campaign.)


Dwarven Forge update

4 11 2013

After a weekend of pretty heavy painting, my Dwarven Forge tiles are painted.

Here’s a general overview:



And here is the joyous dragon with his shiny (the real power behind the dwarven throne).



And here you can see the dwarven king at court with two of his loyal man-at-arms (completely unaware that there king’s mind is being held in the dragon’s trawl!).


Asteroid Tutorial

23 08 2013

So the other night I played a few games of X-Wings. I haven’t done so for a while since my usual partner has basically rage quit the game. In any case, I discovered something very important while playing: it can be slightly boring just to try and kill all your opponent’s ships.  This shouldn’t surprise me—I generally play scenarios in Warmahordes for just this reason. So I’ve decided to play more of the X-Wing scenarios. This however involves SPACE TERRAIN.

Using teh Googles I discovered this great little video on making asteroids for Battlefleet Gothic (the Cadillac of space wargames).

I’m still working on getting the right melty bits on my pink foam, but I should have some picks up in a few days.

Convergence of Cyriss Terrain

23 07 2013

Terrain for the Convergence book release.