OMG! Foam!

16 05 2014

Up until… well today… I’ve been using magnates and a steal toolbox to lug around my minis. I’ve owned an army transport case with various foam since the winter holidays, but I’ve never been able to pull the trigger. With the semester over I’ve started to pop the magnates off the bottom of the basis (with the freezer trick to weaken the super glue) and place them in foam. Here’s where the project currently sits:


The big issue is that despite playing war games involving measuring, I’m horrible with spatial acuity. I also tend to be overly cautious. This all combines to create a vexing situation where I don’t want to pull the trigger on the foam (or pull the foam, as the case may be). I’ve been working on this for several hours and have little to show for it.

It may not seem very important, I know; but it is so I’m bothering telling you so.