New Arcadia Quest!

24 06 2015

So almost immediately after my post yesterday I received notice from CoolMiniOrNot that there will be several expansions to Arcadia Quest. All the details (and pix) can be found at TGN.

The first, Inferno, looks like a big box expansion with new guilds, tiles, and campaign(s).

But, a smaller end boss was also announced that can be dropped into any existing campaign. Well… “small” is relative here since it’s a gigantic blue dragon.

But, what interests me most from this announcement at CMON Expo is a smaller, stand alone game called Masmorra: Dungeons of Arcadia. All the showed at the con were a few miniatures, but my hope is that we’ve got an rpg on the way.

Oathsworn Miniatures

7 04 2014

A few months back I ran across Oathsworn miniature‘s kickstarters. Unfortunately, their hero and dwarf kickstarters had already kicked, but I fell in love with their dumpy halflings and dwarves. Take a gander at a few:

Today their retail webstore went live, and I couldn’t be happier. Personally, I don’t play dwarves or halflings; but I have friends that do. Hopefully I can convince them to consider leaving behind their little plastic miniatures painted by children in Asia. I’d easily be willing to paint some of these up.

Kickstartery News

2 04 2014

Dwarven Forge II: Electric Boogaloo 

First off in Kickstartery news this week is the final dash for the Dwarven Forge Caverns kickstarter. This second kickstarer from the fine folks over at Dwarven Forge has already been amazing, having raised about 1.2 million at the time of writing. The kickstarter is to cover the cost of molding new and existing lines of game tiles for miniatures gaming (usually D&D, but other 25-32mm miniatures could work as well). The tiles are made out of a rubbery plastic that is more or less indestructible. And also, gorgeous:

Their first kickstarter raised just shy of 2 million dollars. I’d love to see them break that barrier in the last week for this kickstarter. If you haven’t supported this yet, it’s a phenomenal deal.

Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten Chibis

Second, there is Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King kickstarter. Soda Pop Miniatures has broken ties with CoolMiniOrNot and put this kickstarter together to continue their 8-bit chibi board game solo. This kickstarter has one level ($100 US) with no exclusives. The basic pledge gets you not only the new expansion, but updated cards and rules to everything they’ve already put out. There is also a new co-op mode sans GM and a PvP mode (rules to the latter here). They are balancing quite well between free stretch goals and paid add-ons. All-in-all it looks to be running quite nicely. Here’s just the basic haul, sans stretch goals:

But, there is still the specter of kickstarters past. While the release date here is December 2014, Relic Knight was such a clusterfuck I have anxiety about seeing this game before 2016.  Additionally, I have personally found Soda Pop’s customer service to be… wanting (read: dickish). I’m a backer, and encourage other to back as well. However, I’m realistic about the amount of time it might take to get a hold of this thing.

Red Shift is run by idiots:

Finally, there is a cautionary tale. Back in the day, lo almost two years ago, I backed the Kittens in a Blender Expansion kickstarter. As of time of writing I have received nothing from the folks at Red Shift, though there are reports that the base game is “in the mail.” Keep in mind, that’s not the expansion—not what I actually BACKED—but the base game that at the time I helped kick said expansion was still in print. They tell me that the actual expansion won’t be out until the “late spring” which might mean any time in the next two years, as far as I’m concerned.

What’s more, the base game that was supposed to go out to backers first was “accidentally” shipped to stores a full month before it was sent to backers whose funding made it possible (though again, that’s not what the kickstarter was actually about).

The most ironic thing about this complete fuck-up is that The Doom that Came to Atlantic City had its kickstarter kit, had its coordinator run off and squander the money, had its creator regain control of the game, had it picked up by Cryptozoic AND had it produced and shipped to backers world wide all in the time that Red Shift hasn’t been able to get one expansion done.

I have generally done well to keep my snark about this project to their kickstarer’s comments section. However, I really felt the need to get that off my chest. Hopefully I won’t feel the need to bring these assholes up here. Unless, of course, they run another kickstarter. At which point I will tell you all over and over again how you should neither trust nor back anything this “company” does.