Tortle Maître D’

18 05 2019

This month’s Paint the Target challenge at Lost Hemisphere is “Hard shells, armor, spikes, carapaces”. To that end, I decided to work on a project I’ve had sitting around for over a year. I’ve had this single mini from Super Dungeon Explore’s Testudo Tower expansion since the first PAX Unplugged—a free mini from a paint and take that I never actually painted.

There really isn’t anything you can do with a single creep model like this in Super Dungeon Explore, so I had been kicking around the idea of modding him into an NPC for my chibi D&D campaign. To that end, I needed to get rid of that bomb first. I used a dremmel just to carve it out quickly. (N.b. be safe and follow all precautions when using power-ish tools.)

Next, I needed to cut his arms off. I knew I’d have to reposition them anyway.

And then, I started working on building up his body.

I used the belly from one of the shells in Caverns of Roxor as my guide here.

Next, I made a cloche out of Sculpey polymer clay. I used a pin head for the handle. I also reattached the arms, after having cut them into two parts—upper arm and lower arm—so that I could change the pose.

I could leave the left arm a little rough because I new the seem was going to cover most of it with a towel. I made the towel by adopting the process for making a cloak used by Aella13 in this video (LINK)—I used this video to help make my own Soda Master Candy, which I hope to get painted up sometime soon.

I don’t have a great glamour shot of my new Tortle Maître D’. I’m still not sure about those two red spots on his head. I might mod them into a bad toupee and pencil mustache. It partly might depend on what the NPC is like in the campaign.

I do like the bowtie, cloche, and tea towel. I think that’s all looking pretty good.

I’m going to call him “done for now.” But we’ll see where he is in six months…



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