Star Wars Amada Dream

11 08 2014

Much like all teh interwebs, I’ve been looking at the previews of Star Wars: Armada. Like many commenters on multiple sites, I’m a little worried about whether Armada or X-Wing will become the red-headed stepchild in Fantasy Flight’s tactical miniatures mind. However, they seem to have no problem running multiple LCGs with aplomb (the problems with the Star Wars LCG being inherent in the game itself, I’d argue). Running two miniature games, based off variants of the same game mechanic, for a rabid fan based, about to get a new movie, seems like a pretty safe recipe for them. If anything, the real concern is that players picking up Armada will leave the X-Wing player pool anemic (which is already the case in one of my metas).

But! What I really want is to adapt the rules of Armada and scale them up to X-Wing’s scale. Yes, you heard me right. I want a freaking huge battle. Once I see the rules, I plan on doing the maths (if someone else on the web doesn’t beat me to it). If it’s at all possible to perform in one the stores where I play, I am going to push hard for and ARMADA EVENT (yes, this calls for all caps). We’d need to build the Star Destroyers out of something light-weight, like pink foam; but I think it would be awesome to move giant ships around on the floor of game store while people’s entire collections of TIEs and X-Wings attack.