Learning from Imperial Entanglements

27 07 2014

So I played in my first X-Wing Tournament yesterday and lost badly. I didn’t win a game. I didn’t necessarily perform poorly; I just came with a list to counter a meta I didn’t experience.

My list was as follows:

  • Rexler Brath – TIE Defender
    • Ion Cannon
    • Predator
  • Krassis Trellix – Firespray
    • Rebel Captive
    • Seismic Charge
  • Academy Pilot – TIE Fighter

Total: 96 points

A couple of things about this list: 1) The tournament was at 97 points. I went one under for initiative. 2) This list was built to deal with the TIE Phantom. 3) I know this list works well against the Phantom, since I had it used against me at the shop I usually play at (it ripped me apart). 4) This was the first time I played X-Wing at the shop that hosted the tournament, so I had no idea what the meta was until I started playing.

Even with all that, I still came close to winning each of my games. Each came down to which ship would get past the last hull first. I played agains a list with “Echo” on the TIE Phantom which in  retrospect I should have won—the player was shooting his secondary weapon on the Firespray out of his back arc (and shooting both primary and secondary weapons, and doing one or two other things that I should really have looked at). Regardless, I came one hull away to breaking his list, and the anti-Phantom tech worked perfectly.

So, where do I go from here? A few things: 1) I need to remember my weapons. I only used the Seismic Charge in two games. One of them I shouldn’t have used it when I did because I was jammed and didn’t realize it (hence, doing damage to myself, not the opponent). 2) The Ion Cannon wasn’t worth it’s points. I got one good shot off with it in any game. 3) The pilot value of Krassis didn’t matter much, and without a secondary weapon (i.e. gunner) her ability was pretty freaking useless. I should have used a different pilot. 4) The Rebel Captive is great anti-Phantom (actually anti-everything) tech. It won’t work against swarms, but that’s why there’s a Seismic Charge on the Firespray as well. 5) Predator is legit. I want it on everything. Seriously. I’m going to have freaking TIE Defenders coming out of my ears. 6) The TIE Defender is legit. If Fantasy Flight scales up to larger-point tournaments TIE Defender swarms will be looked on with despair. 



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