Andrei WIP

15 05 2014

I’ve started painting up my Kickstarter-exclusive Andrei Malakov. One interesting thing I’m noticing about painting this guy up is that there seems to be significantly less “there” than with a full warcaster. No cape. No horn. No bed roll and nap sack. What the heck? How is this guy expecting to survive as a ‘caster! In any case, here’s where he is currently at.


My hope is to base him tomorrow and then finish him up by the weekend. I’d like to take him out for a spin at the weekly league game.

As far as tactics go, I’ll probably run him with a Decimator for shits and giggles (or if I have the points, Torch). Eventually, Grolar will be his pet warjack (as was foretold by the prophets). However, the matter of ‘caster is still a bit up in the air. I’m starting to gravitate towards a pSorcha list with Beast 09 and the Winter Guard Deathstar and a ton of mercs. He could be useful here. We’ll have to see.

Then again, I’m thinking that I might be getting 3utcher for the impending annual celebration of my life. If I’m right, Andrei might be bunking with a pack of dogs before the month is out.




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