Beast 09 WIP

8 05 2014

I’ve been working a bit on my plastic kit conversion of Beast 09. In contrast to most of my warjacks, I’ve decided that even though the Beast is Sorcha’s favourite warjack, she still doesn’t treat him very well. Given her emotionally conflicted state with the return of her nemesis Orsus and the ascendancy of her forbidden love Vladimir, I imagine that she’s hot doing a good job maintaing her jacks. Also, I think that Beast’s temper doesn’t allow much room for regular maintenance.



As far as techniques go, I started by using an approach to rust put forward by Mutley on the Privateer Press Forum. Essentially: prime black, drybrush silver, wash with rusty browns, drybrush silver again and then hit with a brown wash. After that, you start painting the… urm… paint.

However, I’m not that far in. I took a side ways journey into verigris patina using a tutorial I found on Tiny Worlds. (I used this on my Convergence of Cyriss terrain piece last year.) I took these pics while waiting for the wash to dry. I still need to dry brush the bronze areas with bronze and then with a bronze/gold mix.

The plan is to finish the patina today and perhaps start on his icy axe and arcane glow. I’m reticent to begin blocking in what scraps remain of Beast’s paint. I still haven’t decided if I’m going to paint him canon or go with the dark scheme I’ve been using for most of my jacks.



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