March Warmachine Wrap-up

31 03 2014

Since I’ve gotten back in the saddle of painting more than just my Warmachine army, I’m realizing I need to specify a bit and state this is my Warmachine painting wrap-up in this post. Sadly, with all the things on my plate and my work table, I did not get much painted for Warmachine this month. I did make some progress on two warjacks with another one in the process of assembly, but none of them are finished as of yet.

I did finally purchase and paint the Widowmaker Marksman solo.


I brought the Widowmakers to the last game of the Charsaug league at my FLGS yesterday sans Marksman (he was at home with wet icicles). They did next to nothing offensively in the game, but they did tie up a Warpwolf long enough for the Butcher to come in and slaughter it from behind.

While I realized again yesterday just how much I love Khador’s bald-headed psychopath, I’ve been trying to paint up a tier four list for Kommander Harkevich. To this end, I painted up ANOTHER unit of Winter Guard Mortars.



I have had mixed luck with these guys so far this year. Usually I put Harky’s Fortune spell on one unit to help with hitting while I have Kovnik Joe yell at the other unit to boost their attack rolls. I managed to take out an entire unit of Arcane Tempest Gun Mages with AOE’s, but I’m still not worth their worth the points. For example, yesterday’s game had Kommy Joe yelling for boosted attacks from the Winter Guard Death Star while the Butcher boosted the damage. CRA’s and sprays from the Death Star with that kind of double boosts is just golden. I’m seriously wondering why I play anyone other than the Butcher.

And just so you don’t think I’ve just showed you the same unit two months in a row, here’s a shot of both Mortar Crews: 6 points of inaccurate deviating AOE’s with a ridiculous range.


20140331-161523.jpgOne of my friends just posted on everyone’s favourite social networking cite that his Warmachine Kickstarter miniatures just arrived in the post. So, perhaps I’ll have Dandy Andy posted here soon!




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