February Wrap-up

28 02 2014

I’ve been involved in the 2014 painting challenge over on the Privateer Press Forum. Here’s what I painted for Warmachine in the short and cold month of February.

First up, is one of the two  Winter Guard Mortar Crews I need for Harkevich’s 4th tier. I tried to work a bit with snowdrifts on these. There’s also some nice patina on the mortar itself. I need to paint a second one of these for tiers, so I might mod the poses. We’ll see.


Next up is Koldum Kapitan Valachev. While all my Khador has the front arc marked with ice, I used the gradient purple of my mercs here so as to help show his dual role. He’s by no means perfect but suitable for tabletop.


Finally, we have the Ogrun Bokur. I hated to have to elevate this guy; but I was having a horrible time getting him on base, even with pins. So, he’s standing on cork covered with several kinds of flock. I’m happy with the model, but the base really pisses me off. He’ll probably be a staple for whatever the other list is I run this year (probably eIrusk or pSorcha with tons of mercs).


Next month will be focused on warjacks. I have a plastic Beast 09 mod primed; I’m about 90% on modding a metal Devastator into a Demolisher; and I have a second metal Devastator that I need to assemble as well. That will amount to 29 points if I can get my act together.

Oh, and I have an Ork Blood Bowl team I need to work on if I can find the time….



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